All You Need to Plan Your Wedding

You just got engaged…congratulations! Now what? It is time to plan one of the biggest events of your life; your wedding day! The idea of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. When? Where? Full dinner or just appetizers? Rustic and simple or classy and formal? What about photos and music? Hair and makeup? The questions are endless. If you click through to this website, then you will find the answers to all of your questions. Styckie is a phenomenal resource for all of your wedding needs in the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia area. Are you wondering how much the average wedding costs these days? Check out this great resource on how to budget your big day. From venues and vendors to DJs and live bands, you will be able to find everything you need with the Styckie app. Simply download it on your Apple or Android device and start your wedding journey. Each vendor is rated and provides reviews and photos so you can be sure that you’re selecting a photographer or a venue that has been vetted and approved by others. You can also send messages to contacts within the app to ask specific questions before committing to their service.

Styckie also goes beyond wedding planning. Do you have a big milestone birthday party for a family member or a corporate event for your office? Styckie takes out all of the guesswork. You set your budget – we all know that working around a budget can be the hardest part, but with Styckie, you set your budget to begin with, so you only choose from vendors and venues that will keep you on track. You can find just about everything you can possibly imagine through Styckie – here are just some of the services you can search through: decor, video & photo, catering, floral, DJs and lighting, cakes, event planning, beauty, photo booths, transportation, entertainment and more. Whether it’s a first birthday party, a 50th anniversary, a celebration party for a completed project at the office, or a barefoot wedding on the beach, Styckie is the only resource you need to make your party the best your guests have attended. Don’t save money by asking all of your friends and family to do you favors or by asking a friend of a friend who owns a camera to take pictures on the big day, leave it to the professionals and be satisfied by the outcome and the cost.

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