How Long Does it Take to Learn to Play Ukulele?

It is the common question that the ukulele players generally ask to the teachers or the experts. The answer is not so difficult. It might take too short time to learn. It can be around 2 minutes.

You may be surprised!!! Want to know how? 

It doesn’t take a long time to know the basics of how to get started playing Ukulele. After you learn the essential elements you need to know only two things to perform the ukulele: one is chord formation and the other strumming also learn from UKULELE BUZZ.  You can begin to play new songs you like, once you learn to form the simple chord and know how to strum them.

The most difficult part of playing Ukulele

The most noticeable difficulty with learners of Ukulele is that they want to learn playing ukulele, rather than knowing how to play them. It is in fact easy to discover how to explain and clarify the lessons of the Ukulele to them. But, students hardly go to the teachers to learn the method of playing, they just want to play. When they are asked what exactly they want to learn. They have no answer with them. They just can’t say what’s what.

The teacher of Ukulele doesn’t get help out of these students. They fail to discover the method how they can be taught. The teachers, being perplexed, rather ask them the reason of being attracted to this instrument, why not they prefer to learn the other instruments, like Piano, Mandolin, Saxophone or some other instruments like  that. If the teachers can know the reasons why the Ukulele has grabbed their attention, or what particular song they wish, then it will be easier for them to teach learner in the exclusion of other factors.

It helps the teacher to know the way through which they should proceed to teach them this stringed instrument make up of mind of the students.

How a ukulele learner is helped by the music teacher

The destination might be the same, but the ways are different. The practice differs with the differences of the teachers. The questions that haunt the teachers are:

  • Does the strumming of the instruments influence the ear of the students to learn Ukulele?
  • Was it the finger style that inspires the learner?
  • Was it for the form of the chord?
  • Is the players that play simple or complex chord inspires them?
  • Are they like more a lead player whom they want to follow?

These are some of the questions that a ukulele teacher wants to know before they can determine the success of the students.        If it can be discovered what the playing of Ukulele mean to them, then it will help the teacher to reach them to the destination of expert Ukulele players.

Some people after some years of taking lessons become disappointed as they could not play the song what they wanted to. Unfortunately, most of the instructor-teachers guide the learners to the way what they prefer to go. They care a little which way the learners prefer to go. The results is inevitable, the giving up of the lessons.

The same unsuccessful students reach the goal when they find the teachers who really help them in their endeavor to touch the success point.  That is the truth about the learning of anything, including the learning of Ukulele.

The Bottom Line

Now the time is to give answer to the question that was asked at the beginning: How long does it take to learn to play Ukulele? So it depends on your attitude, and the way you define learning. Do you want to strum a few songs sitting by the log fire? Then it takes just a few days. But, if you want to be an expert, it takes time, much more time.

So, decide first what is in your mind.